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The drive to Gotham is always a risky one, traffic wise. But even without her Canary Cry, one of Dinah's remaining unsung superpowers is her ability to always find an open lane, whatever vehicle she's driving.

The other is an ability to always find the best restaurant within a five mile radius of any starting point.

She holds off contacting Oracle - holds off, holds off, until she reaches the Bludhaven bypass. Then it's time to check in with her best faceless galpal.

Time to sound the cavalry charge.


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When Babs voice comes back it sounds distracted, and if tone wasn't enough the fact that her first words are a question makes it truly obvious. "Canary?"

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Barbara takes a deep breath, eyes flicking across her monitors. Blockbuster's crew is about to make entry. She's ready for them. As ready as she can be.

She forces herself to sound more confident than she feels. "I can hold."

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Barbara can't help a smile at that tone. It's a voice she's come to recognize well over the time they've worked together. It's the voice of a friend. A confidante.

And there was another reminder that it was long past time they met up. "Well, I'm not exactly at my best right now," she chuckles.

She watches her monitors as Blockbuster's lead elements run into the first of her surprises.

Her grin is genuine when she adds, "But you should see the other guy."

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Barbara smiles. Help's on the way.

She turns her attention to her monitors. They've hit tier two. It's time to go mobile. She checks her rig and reaches up to clip herself to the rails she had installed.

Ten minutes and a bullet wound later Babs clicks her comm back on. "I want you to know it's not your fault."

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"Don't blame yourself, Dinah," Babs insists. She couldn't live with herself if Dinah blamed herself for Babs' death.

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"Dinah," Babs interrupts.

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"I'm in a bad way here, Dinah." Barbara shook her head to herself and added wryly, "I cut this one too close." Not 'miscalculated'. Not exactly.

But something like it.

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Babs can't help but smile at that. There's a reason she loves Dinah, and that attitude is definitely part of it.

"The old navy yard. Pier ten." The water's rising. She's almost out of room and air. Not much longer now.

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Babs smiles wryly. Shouldn't have gotten her hopes up. Even the Black Canary had her limits.

"Too late, Dinah," she says softly. "I've got one last option." Her tone said what her words confirmed, "And it's not a good one."