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Elusive Jobberknoll Cast List


7th Year:
Dinah Lance; Head Girl; [ profile] serinusniger
Will Scarlet; Beater (C); [ profile] will_scarlet
6th year:
Barbara Gordon; [ profile] twiceahero

5th year:
Renee Montoya; Seeker; [ profile] interrogoiterum
Raphael Hamato; (NPC)

4th year:
Kate Kane [ profile] 2serve

3rd year:
Theo [ profile] ostro_goth
Theo [ profile] ostro_goth

1st Year:
Tyler Marlocke; [ profile] tyler_marlocke
Julie Finster [ profile] fiss84


7th Year:
Adrian (NPC)

6th year:
Niccolo Machiavelli; Quidditch commentator; [ profile] auraofmystery
Angus Urquhart [ profile] scots_wolf
Donatello Hamato (NPC)

6th year:
Alec Troven; Quidditch Seeker (C); [ profile] alec_troven
Trudy Chacon; Beater; [ profile] spanishnotlatin
Dick Grayson; Beater; [ profile] greatestofease

5th year:
Michealangelo Hamato; [ profile] mnt_mike

2nd year:
Aang; [ profile] 12goingon113

7th year:
Aloysius Crumrin; Head Boy; [ profile] atypicalwarlock

6th year:
Lorenzo de Medici; prefect; [ profile] molto_magnifico
Leonardo Hamato; [ profile] mnt_leo
5th year:
Silas; [ profile] is_a_ghost;

1st year:
Kirika Yuumura; [ profile] witchnotninja
Frankie Chacon (NPC)


Arithmancy: Sirona [ profile] source_fairy (unaffiliated)
Care of Magical Creatures: Trever Delvar [ profile] reincarnshamen (Gryffindor)
Defense Against the Dark Arts: Stephanie Brown [ profile] nycterapuella (unaffiliated)
Flying: Kale Delvar [ profile] reincarnshamen (Gryffindor)
History of Magic Leah Ross [ profile] aim_blind (Gryffindor)
Muggle Studies: Rhys Owens [ profile] fortunatestory (Ravenclaw)
Potions: Sokka Aquam [ profile] scientiaeaquam (Ravenclaw)
Groundskeeper: Iroh [ profile] leavsfrmthevine


Owner of The Three Broomsticks: Jo Harvelle [ profile] veneficusvenato
Bookshop: Inara Serra [ profile] veloxepistola
Teashop: Uji [ profile] leavsfrmthevine

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