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The sun is setting over the Hasaraguan rainforest, and Dinah's not going to regret the end of this day. She's been hit around the head, shot at,and is now running through the undergrowth with a British duchess and a knifethrower on her tail. Apparently setting alligators on them can only detract them for so long.

Now she's jumping down from a tree over the edge of the ravene onto a conveniently fallen branch, still worried about the from, but beginning to think about the to.

"I'm opento suggestions, Oracle," she hisses into her silent comm device. "Everywhere I look is jungle. I've got a crazy English babe and knife-obsessed midget on my rear.


"You have to be there. You're my only pal. And it's getting Jurassic out here. Whistle up a superhero. Call in a killer widget. Access desperate rescues dot com. I could use a ha...


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A pair of knives thunk into a tree right by Dinah's head, signaling the arrival of her pursuers.

The woman in the lead, the one in the impractical costume and mask charges forward, her aristocratic English accent thick. "You've caused us a spot of trouble, Black Canary."

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The woman sniffs haughtily. "I am not amused."

"Our client sent us to twist you for information."

The short man with the knives steps in, "For you to tell us what you know of Oracle, and then for us to kill you."

"But," a smile spreads below that fashion-disaster mask, "I'm willing to disappoint him and jump straight to step two."

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Back in Gotham, Babs finishes a final line of code and tosses her laptop onto the seat beside her. That should buy her at least another half hour.

She pulls her headset on, "Oracle here. Have you been calling, Dinah?"

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"Not good," Barbara says softly, eying her status screens. "Whoever it is is closing in on me."

She scrubs at her face and rolls her shoulders before reaching for her laptop again.

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"Okay," Barbara's voice is already distracted. They've already found the Cathay Street data haven. These guys are good.

"I've got work to do anyway."

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Apparently taking Dinah's near-silent conversation as a sign of distraction, the man with the knives surges forward. "Allow me, Lady Vic!" he yells.

She's apparently the more experienced fighter because she yells a warning after him. "No, Brutale--"

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Brutale's clearly out of his league, and he goes right over the side of the massive log that he and his partner had caught up to Dinah on. He lets out a panicked yell and just barely gets one of his knives into the wood. "Help!" he gasps, hanging over a significant drop.

"Please, Lady Vic! I am falling!"

She has the decency to shoot him a contemptuous glance before turning her attention to Dinah. "Then fall, you stupid berk," she tosses over her shoulder as she launches a kick at Dinah's head.

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The qatar deflects down to bite into the log and Lady Vic stumbles awkwardly, completely off-balance as she tries desperately to bring her other weapon into play.

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Lady Vic groans, stunned, as she lands. The air bursts from her lungs and it takes her a full second to get any back in.

She's way outclassed, and now she knows it.

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Somehow Lady Vic manages a contemptuous snarl despite the fact that she's pretty much helpless. "You'll never--" she starts to spit.

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Lady Vic folds with the sigh of the unconscious.

Meanwhile Brutale is barely hanging onto his knife. He hasn't seen any of the action and he's still calling out. "Lady Vic--? Somebody! Por favor!"

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Brutale automatically looks down.

"I... I don't know!" his voice is more than a little panicked.

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"Blockbuster!" he squeals. "Blockbuster wants tof ind Oracle! He told us to lure you here!"

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"Any of Oracle's people!" Brutale's speaking so fast his words almost trip over each other. "Then we torture you for the location of your boss!"

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The mask covering Brutale's face isn't enough to completely hide his sudden smirk as he catches sight of Lady Vic moving up behind the Canary. Her ridiculous mask is cracked, but apparently that was enough to rob Dinah's blow of its power.

"But the information will do you know good," Brutale taunts in a bid to keep Dinah's attention on him as Lady Vic readies her strike.

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Brutale just laughs as Lady Vic's club crashes into the back of Dinah's head.

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Oracle's voice sounds uselessly in Dinah's earpiece. "Dinah, I've bought myself some time, but not much. Whoever is after me is pretty good."

They'd already run through the Triad base she'd bounced her signal through (and their effectiveness dulled the sense of triumph that having them blunder into a den of psychotic thugs should have brought), and she was pretty sure they'd figured out all the land lines were dummies. That meant they'd be tracing her satellites soon.

"You needed help from me?"


"Dinah? Dinah? You're not pouting, are you?" Babs looks up at the road and turns at the sign reading 'Tricorner Yards Naval Station Gate 3'. "Well, if you're listening, I think it's Blockbuster who's after me. I'm going to need you here. In Gotham."

Her voice grows soft. "I'm going to need all the friends I can get."