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Dinah Laurel Lance ([personal profile] serinusniger) wrote2008-11-23 02:14 am

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The sun is setting over the Hasaraguan rainforest, and Dinah's not going to regret the end of this day. She's been hit around the head, shot at,and is now running through the undergrowth with a British duchess and a knifethrower on her tail. Apparently setting alligators on them can only detract them for so long.

Now she's jumping down from a tree over the edge of the ravene onto a conveniently fallen branch, still worried about the from, but beginning to think about the to.

"I'm opento suggestions, Oracle," she hisses into her silent comm device. "Everywhere I look is jungle. I've got a crazy English babe and knife-obsessed midget on my rear.


"You have to be there. You're my only pal. And it's getting Jurassic out here. Whistle up a superhero. Call in a killer widget. Access desperate rescues dot com. I could use a ha...


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