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Name:Dinah Laurel Lance
Birthdate:Feb 11
Website:Birdwatching: a Birds of Prey fansite
The origins of countless superheroes are rooted, in some way, in parental issues. Dinah Laurel Lance might the only person to take up the good fight out of good old-fashioned teenage rebellion.

Growing up, she learned a variety of fighting skills from her mother, Dinah Drake Lance - also known as the Black Canary - and her colleagues in the Justice Society of America. When she was 16, and against her mother's wishes, Dinah 'borrowed' her now-retired fishnets and wig, and started fighting crime on her own.

She was 19 when she co-founded the Justice League of America, but since then has found a better niche for herself as the heart of the Oracle-headed Birds of Prey. She is an excellent martial artist - ranked among the top eight in a world in which the best is really superlative - and is constantly learning and training to expand her skillbase.

She's chronologically in her early thirties, but looks younger thanks to a trip in a Lazerus pit. When in Black Canary mode, she can often be caught wearing fishnet tights and a black kevlar one-piece with a jacket, gloves and boots.

She also is in possession of a metagene which gives her an ultrasonic 'canary cry', but why bother using that when your fists and feet work just as well?

Dinah Lance is from the DC Universe and is the property of DC Comics. This is an RP journal from which no profit is being made.

In [info]mixed_muses, Dinah is currently around the Gail Simone run on Birds of Prey, and also Justice Society of America. In [info]shatterverse, she and her fellow Birds come from the pages of Batgirl #67. In [info]daemonmuses she's more or less canon current.

In [info]daemonmuses continuity only, Dinah has a 'daemon': a marbled polecat named Tikki. Tikki is hyperactive, affectionate, and when he needs to be, very very good at fighting other daemons.

The mun is the same as that behind [info]raptorcanaria, and this journal available on request for any sandboxes or out-of-game threads that take place in Dinah's Birds of Prey era or later.
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